Amisa: upscale residential resort in Mactan

By Raquel P. Gomez / Inquirer

 The lure of Mactan Island in Cebu as a choice destination in the South by tourists, balikbayans, expatriates and businessmen has enticed major real estate developer Robinsons Land Corp. in a grand fashion.The real estate arm of JG Summit Holdings Inc. that pioneered mix-use developments in the country has set its eyes on a prime spot on the tail-shaped portion of the famous island and will develop it into an upscale resort-residential-leisure zone that will cater to the discriminating taste of a market needing an upgrade to real lifestyle and luxurious living in an island setting.

AmiSa is a five-hectare beach-front property development in Punta Engaño district in Mactan. It boasts of six residential condominiums that offer breathtaking views of the beach, sea and Cebu’s coastline, a five-star hotel with amenities, a gaming center that includes a casino, two big and beautiful pools, tree-lined walks and nooks, pocket parks, and open spaces that lead to a pristine white sand beach, and of course, sports activity areas.

RLC president and chief operating officer Frederick Go says AmiSa, which is the company’s first high-end real estate venture in Cebu, aims to raise the standard of community living of residents by incorporating beach resort amenities and facilities within the development. He says RLC, with its expertise in mix-use community development and hotel operations, can provide the perfect home and ideal beach getaway for folks needing respite from the bustle of the city or those who wish reward or pampering after years of work and living abroad.

“AmiSa in Sanskrit means something beautiful,” Go says. “AmiSa is a beautiful place which can serve as the perfect and ideal getaway from the city, a second home for accomplished Filipinos from Manila and the provinces, a vacation haven for foreigners, and a deserved and welcoming retirement home for Filipino balikbayans.”

Private paradise

For a change, the leisure community project moves away from the usual beach shacks and traditional low-rise island development. Architect Albert Yu of Asya Design Partner took inspiration from Australia’s vibrant Gold Coast architectural landscape and created a private paradise which addresses the demands of an island living that spells of modernity, leisure and lifestyle.

Architectural elements, such as the balconied mid-rise residential condominiums, are in harmony with the natural picturesque island environment. The avant-garde residential resort also features a nice juxtaposition of graceful towering buildings―two 18 story, two 14-story, and two 8-story residential condominiums, the hotel and entertainment center―that create a beautiful contrast to the soft natural seascape.

“The resort development was conceived to allow its inhabitants enjoyment and interaction with nature, while preserving and enhancing the environment,” Yu says. “Every unit is also provided with a spacious balcony that cantilevers beyond the main structure of the building. The union of the balconies to the commanding structure mimics the smooth waves and the ocean.”

Design perspective

AmiSa is an exclusive enclave that opens with a rustic lane off the main road framed by a coral stone gateway. Three-tiered cascade of water with lush foliage marks the entrance garden. A majestic rotunda framed by Royal palm trees connects entrances to different areas of the property. Located at the left of the entrance is the gaming complex and to the right are ample and wide parking areas and tree-lined pathways leading to the residential condominiums.

Another grand rotunda is located within serving as the main entry to the resort hotel and condominium gardens. The inviting swimming pools amid tropical palms complete the scenic haven that opens grandly to the beach and sea beyond. And sprinkled across the resort are dining destinations and functions areas fit for parties, weddings and other occasions.

John Reyna, RLC assistant vice president for leisure and retirement, says AmiSa is a timely development in Cebu that will help boost more the appeal of Mactan Island not only as popular destination for resorts and recreation but also as a luxury residential place.

“Real estate clients want a different level of product, something that will fit their lifestyle. We’re not selling just a real estate product, but we’re offering a lifestyle, a lifestyle to these clients who are exposed already to resorts with condominiums abroad,” Reyna informs.


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